Clan T§F and 9th§§
Tactical realism clan

Clan T§F's Rule page
Clan T§F is a Tactical Realism clan.  What does Tactical Realism mean?  Put simply, it means that we strive to play as close to reality as the game will allow. To ensure everyone enjoys the game, we had to create a set of rules that may seem strict, but aren't too hard to follow - even for beginners.

These rules are :

NO RUNNING.  A soldier in a war zone, loaded with 50 pounds of equipment, wouldn't run all the time. He'd get tired, no matter the amount of endurance he had, and could easily be heard huffing and puffing and clumping around by nearby enemies.
In game terms, this means that you have to turn off your auto-run (Press F3 to reach the panel). Our server is programmed to remove that toggle, but just in case, you should check.  Continuously running by holding your run key is a bannable offense, although there are a few exceptions.

Exceptions to this rule:

As a Tactical Realism clan we try to survive as much as possible. This means that above all else, you should take care not to die. That being said you are allowed to run:

  1. to get to cover, find the closest cover possible. We do not allow bypassing acceptable cover - don't just run past a wall you could have hidden behind. The idea, remember, is to not get killed - not to get where you want to be a few seconds faster.
  2. when you are being shot at, again find closest cover or
  3. to get away from a thrown grenade.

We do allow a player to run towards someone throwing a grenade - the safest place to be is going to be near that player. This is the ONLY time charging is allowed on our server.

No jumping from heights over one storey.  Again, this boils down to realism...  If you are wearing over 50 pounds of equipment you won't want to jump off a 2 story building - you'll end up breaking your leg, and unable to fight.

In game terms this means that you can't jump off a balcony, a window sill, a broken floor - anything that is higher then 1 storey high. In effect, any fall that you take more than 5 damage from, was a fall that was a bit too far.
Exceptions to this rule:
There is also an exception to this rule.  Because we try to die the least times possible, you are allowed to jump off a balcony, window, floor if a grenade was thrown in the same room you are in.  Getting shot at is not reason enough to jump out though - you've got cover all around. But in the case of a grenade, life over limb prevails.

NO UNUSUAL MOVEMENT. By this we mean:

  1. Bunny hopping - the act of jumping repeatedly - is not allowed. No real human being could fire accurately while jumping around, and in a realistic situation, it would not help you. If it did, it would be taught to armed forces worldwide, wouldn't it?
  2. Pee-Pee dancing - the act of running sideways back and forth - is not allowed, for the same reasons as bunny hopping is not allowed.
  3. Ledge walking - the act of walking on narrow ledges where you would not be able to walk in normal life - is not allowed.
  4. Wire walking - the act of walking on electric or telephone wires - is not allowed.
There is no exception to this rule, although we do allow a quick in-and-out from cover, on a one-time-only basis, as a surprise tactic. You may not sprint back and forth out of cover - you may take a quick two-step out, fire, and return to cover, ONCE, in a given engagement.

GRENADES.  Grenades are to be used sparingly.  You may not throw explosive grenades whenever you feel like it.  There are realistic restrictions, based on the fact that soldiers do not just throw grenades willy-nilly.

  1. You have to have a visual confirmation of at least one target in the area where you want to throw the grenade.  Visual confirmation is lost if you die.  You may, however, throw a grenade where a teammate directs you to, if they have seen an enemy.
  2. You may not throw close combat grenades, period. Dropping a grenade to your feet in order to kill both yourself and the enemy will get you kicked from the server. Think about it - would you willingly commit suicide, just for a point in a game? We didn't think so.
There are no exceptions to this rule.

NO TEAM KILLING.  This should be fairly self-explanatory. Intentional team killing is very frowned upon, and an excellent way to ensure you do not return to our server again. We understand that accidents can, and will, happen, and these are forgiven, but intentionally killing teammates will result in a kick, and minimum 24 hour ban.


Weapons are limited on our server, as they were in reality. Each team has access to 1 sniper rifle, 2 SMGs and 2 MGs.  The Allies also have access to 2 M1 Garands.  Remember that T§F members should always be given priority in selecting the weapon they want, it's one of the perks of being in this clan.

     There are no exceptions to this rule, unless a Clan T§F leadership member turns off the weapons limiter, or turn on the freeze-tag mod, etc. after taking a vote from the players on the server.


Speaking ill of another player is prohibited, as are racial slurs, "trolling," or "flaming." MILD cursing is tolerated, if not excessive.

Note that any player caught repeatedly breaking these rules will be kicked off the server. If said player comes back and continues to break the rules, they will be banned for a period of time, at the discretion of the banning Clan T§F member. Bans can last from 24 hours, up to permanent banning.

We try to warn players about our rules when we see them being broken. We understand that some rules, even as well thought out and well written as ours, can be open to some interpretation. We try to be as friendly as possible, but the final word is that of Clan T§F membership.

Feel free to discuss these rules with us on our forums - if you have any questions or comments, we'll be glad to hear from you.
Rules are subject to change without notice, we will post on our forums whenever a rule change has been applied.
The rules may or may not be used in case of skrims or matches.  Most of the times these rules apply with minor adjustments.  Opposite clans will be informed of the rules to be used when we host a match or skrim.