Clan T§F and 9th§§
Tactical realism clan

Welcome to Clan TSF. 
Clan T§F/9th§§ is now mostly playing Lord Of the Rings Online and World of Warships.
LOTRO is a mmorpg about the Lord of the Rings (duh!) where we have different characters, we have a group of minstrels that performs concert about once a week, pretty interesting to see people just stop and listen to us for an hour :)
WoWs is a game about WWI and WWII ships.

Historical News

Clan T§F/9th§§ used to play MOH:SH and Hidden & Dangerous 2 as a clan.  Everyone knows what MOH:SH is right?  Ok for those few it's Medal of Honor: Spearhead, a first person shooter game played online...Hidden and Dangerous 2 is also a FPS game, It's a pretty much in the same lanes as of MOH...  Don't forget to register on our forums if you haven't already. 

We have a long history of playing as a unified group, as a clan.  It all started around 2000, when 9th§§ was born out of a split from another clan it was decided by a group of founders that the "run and gun" style wasn't suitable, so one of the first MOH tactical clan was born.  

We dare to say that as a tactical clan ours was pretty much the elite of the elite.  Of all the matches we played against other clans we only lost one round, managing to achieve victory for all the matches played.  Of course we were accused of cheating but our detractors didn't realize the amount of training that we put ourselves through to prepare for these matches.  When a match was planned we would form a team out of the clan's elite players and we would train at least 3 to 5 times a week, studying the maps involved, creating tactics, honing our "situational awareness" skills (which was not always easy to achieve in MOH).  Then in the days before the match a few skirmishes would be planned against the rest of the clan members usually outnumbering us 2 to 1.  So yes to those who did not understand our level of commitment to the game it could have been seen as cheating.

The following years the clan grew and in 2003-2004 over 80 players actively played every weeks as members of Clan 9th§§ forming up to 8 squads, playing in internal tournaments, holding bi-weekly practice sessions and participating in special clan events (ask about the 2004 Grand-Campaign).  2004 also culminated in the first major reunion for the clan members, members from all over Canada and the US attended the reunion in Québec, Canada, 2 members from Belgium even came to visit as well it was a pretty special time for all.

2005 saw turmoil start to rise and early in 2006 the clan changed leadership under Rugen and was renamed T§F.  We kept going playing MOH until sometime in 2008 where the game was phasing out of the international scene and it became harder to get guests to populate our servers, at the same time our members started playing other games and slowly were leaving the clan.

But through it a core of players always stayed true to each other, playing different games as time went on.  We went from FPS games to MMORPG for a while.  Tried our hand at LOTRO, FlyFF, Perfect World.  But now the clan is going back to shooters, though not an FPS, in Warframe.  Can 9th§§ rise up as a major clan in Warframe?  Only time will tell.

In other news:  The forums for FLYFF and Perfect World International were backed up and removed from the website, there were no new post for many, many months.  If for any reasons you would like the backup of either forums let me know by leaving a PM to Puckeye on the main forums.  Both forums were SM, FlyFF was at version 1.1.5 so you'll need to update it as soon as you restore it.  PW's forums was at version 1.1.8 so basically the same deal here...